SEO for Beginners

How to SEOPerhaps you’ve already used a Search Engine Optimization Company, and you’re not happy with their results?  Or you’re receiving endless emails from companies making promises to get your business on page one of google?

Now you realize it’s time for you to gain a basic understanding of what SEO is and how you can do it for yourself?  Unless you have a big budget, or you own a big company, paying someone to do your Search Engine Optimization may not be practical.

Many SEO companies charge thousands of dollars and cannot guarantee their results.  They will leave out the most basic things and instead do what is easy or profitable.

Our aim is to assist you to learn how to SEO yourself!

Here’s a few basic tips, that won’t cost you much at all.

1.  Ensure you are listed on DMoz.  is a free directory.  Being in it is important to search engines.

2.  Add your listing to the Yahoo Directory. While there is a small fee involved, it’s important that your website is listed here

3.  Submit your site to as many directories as possible.  You can do this yourself (which will take a great deal of time) or you can use a Directory
service that will do it for just a few cents per directory)

4.  Last but not least, consider using a link building service.  We recommend Links Management for PR4-PR8 Contextual Links

SEO is a complex science that takes months if not years to master.  However, using the techniques you find on our website, you are well on your way to mastering the science yourself!

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